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Are you from time to time like me, trying insanely hard to focus, while it just seems like you can't? Well, look at my study tips for how I try to concentrate on my work being a bit easier than normal. 

♥ Clean your desk before you start

♥ Download a time-control APP that will make concentrating SO much easier. I myself use the Self-Control app for Mac, that lets you block every disturbing internet page for as long as you want to. Please note, however, that during the "block-time" you can't use any of the webpages you have added to your "block-list", even though you delete the app from your computer. Use the self-control app to set a time, let's say 45 minutes where you are not allowed to do anything else but study. After these 45 minutes, give yourself a break, do some sit-ups, push-ups or whatever that makes you relax. 

♥ Try to avoid the computer whenever possible. At least this is very important for me. My eyes gets soooo tired of looking at the screen all the time, so I actually LOVE going back to the old books. 

♥ Decide at the beginning of the day what your goals are for the day. Dare to be ambitious! Decide as well when you are going to have a lunch break. Allow yourself to watch a television show during the lunch, and eat something delicious so that you have something to look forward to. 

♥Take some time during the day to work out. Nothing helps me more than going for a run in the afternoon. Energy, you have moved your muscles, and you feel so much more ready to continue the day. 

♥ Finally, decide to have at least one day a week completely off. Hang out with friends, family, go to a party, cinema, mountain hiking or whatever. Just let yourself do what you wanna do for one day without worrying about everything else that you "have to do". 

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